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Sunset in Zushi with Mountain Fuji
Sunset in Zushi with Mountain Fuji

About Hapaのにほん

Hapaのにほん is a cultural blog about Japan with a focus to bring a different perspective on Japan – from someone who isn’t completely from the outside, but not completely from the inside either.

The meaning behind Hapaのにほん

Hapaのにほん (hapa no nihon) means Hapa’s Japan. にほん (normally written as 日本) is what Japan is called in Japanese. Hapa is the Hawaiian word for “part” and is often used to describe to describe anyone who's part Asian or Pacific Islander ethnic descent. In Japanese, half Japanese are referred to as Hafu (ハーフ) which means half Japanese.

Who is Sandra?

As a half Japanese half American, who grew up in America (with the exception of a few short years I lived in Yokohama at age 7), I have always had a desire to go back to Japan. In 2020, I decided to make a change. On a whim, I applied for a job in Japan and despite my elementary level Japanese, had a job offer in my hands. With about 20 years life in America, I decided to explore my other half, Japan. My goal is to bring a little bit of Japan to you, wherever you are in the world and teach topics a little off the beaten path if you will…


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